OUR story

It all began with a great idea… And a lot of milk.

In 1850, Archibald McLelland decided to make a different kind of cheese. He started his working life as a grocer and grain merchant, but he knew he had the best raw ingredients to make a better Cheddar.

So, he got busy experimenting in his Stranraer creamery, using the finest local milk he could get his hands on. And, after years of fine-tuning, he finally cracked the Seriously® Cheddar recipe and was ready to share the fruits of his labour with the world.

The McLelland business went on to survive two World Wars and become one of Glasgow’s most distinctive merchants. It is now a major part of Scotland’s dairy industry, always working in close partnership with producers to source the best ingredients.

From humble beginnings, we are now one of the largest buyers of milk in Scotland, producing the finest quality blocks of cheddar every year. And that’s something that makes us feel Seriously proud.


It typically takes over 14 months to make our award-winning cheddar.

Those months give our cheese-graders time to pinpoint the exact moment our Seriously® Cheddar has perfectly matured. One of the hallmarks of our distinctive cheddar is the calcium lactate crystals that develop during the long maturation process, giving a tantalizing crunch alongside a complex taste that’s tangy, with a hint of caramel that’s unlike any other cheddar.

Our cheese-graders look for the five pillars of perfection: body, texture, flavour, aroma and appearance. Only when each has been rigorously tested and approved can it be called a Seriously® Cheddar.

OUR Farmers

“Unlike many dairy farms, we only milk our cows once a day. It makes for a happier cow and better milk – higher in butterfat and protein, so perfect for making cheese. And we still produce around 4-5 million litres a year! Our cows spend most of their lives outside, grazing on the pastures by the sea. And that’s where you’ll often find me on a warm summer evening – standing in the green fields, under a blue sky, looking down at the sea and listening to the cows munching grass! It’s heaven!”

– Rory, Seriously® farmer.

Assured Food Standards

red tractor

Products made to Red Tractor standards have been produced to some of the most comprehensive and respected standards in the world. It means the food you buy is 100% traceable and has been produced responsibly.

We are proud of our farming partnerships and our cheese-making, so being a member of Red Tractor is our way of showing the importance we place on the welfare of our animals; the care and attention we place on producing our cheese; and the passion we have for making sure our product reaches you in perfect condition – from farm to fork.

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